Join The Soul Food Cafe’s Writers Group


The Soul Food Cafe is an international group of writers and artists whose global mission is to promote writing and art-making as a daily practice through the use of interactive web-based technologies such as blogging and e-mail groups.

Lemuria is the fantasy construct where the participants of the Soul Food Cafe post their work, and The Digital Atelier is just one niche within Lemuria.

If you are an intrigued visitor now wanting to join the Soul Food Experience, visit the Soul Food Cafe for instructions. Or you may write the SFC owner and manager Heather Blakey  at

heatherblakey at dailywriting dot net


4 thoughts on “Join The Soul Food Cafe’s Writers Group

  1. Well Kitty that explains the maniacal laughter – and here I thought it was my imagination and it was the ‘darkside’ after all!

    So fess up Kitty- you’re a screenwriter too?


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