16 thoughts on “Bubba Ho-Tep

  1. Not to mention redemption!
    One of my favorite things to explore in the characters I write is how they react- or how would I react if I had that one single chance to be the person I know I should have been all along.

    For me ( in my stories ) the outcomes are always interesting if not outright surprising.


  2. Love It?
    Baby I live it…just kidding, it’s a great movie – I mean talk about fearless storytelling.
    It’s almost as good as this play I’m reading about a dog who perform exorcisms…ALMOST as good-


  3. “I didn’t care for the guy who played JFK.”

    oh, dude… that “guy” is Ossie Davis, one of the greatest actors, orators and civil rights activists of his, or any, generation… he gave the eulogy at Malcolm X’s funeral. There’s a (kind of) sequel to Bubba Ho-Tep in production, Don Coscarelli’s making “Bubba Nosferatu and the Curse of the She-Vampires”. Paul Giamatti is starring in it… it’s supposed to be out next year.


  4. Thanks very much, you’ve got a great corner here… I really like your “tribes” blogroll, I keep wanting to write a post about the insane crap First Nations people are facing on Canadian reserves but my staff keeps taking too many sick days.

    I also noticed we have some blogroll in common… my friends, Puddle and Queen Minx, and I all started about the same time. Just to let you know Queen, sadly, deleted her qm.wp.cm blog over the weekend. She has a new one that’s supposed to debut… well, sometime. I’ll let you know if/when she comes back.

    Shouldn’t engtech be able to buy Technorati by now?


  5. Hi Gabriel
    I’m glad you liked my Tribes Blogroll- I’ve lived here in the Northwest ( Washington ) for almost my entire life so I can’t say that the stories and legends from the local Tribes haven’t influenced me as a writer.
    Plus I have friends from the various tribes and this is my way of sucking up to them after forgetting to phone on birthdays and stuff like that.
    Thanks for the heads up on Queen’s Site do let me know when she comes back and I think Eng ” that guy who played JKF(!!!) ” Tech needs a whale to hunt and that whale is Technorati.


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