5 thoughts on “A Danse Macabre At Anita’s

  1. AHH HA you must of known i was coming to visit.
    That was awesome. I wasn’t sure if that was Thriller I was hearing but yep it was……. I think I started my blog with a scary version of thriller.
    Oh but the bones here were rockin.


  2. H Jennifer!

    That was ” Thriller “…and I thought the bones were amazing – but really, they had me when it looked like the heads were popping off of the girls shoulders.



  3. Me to! and yet they were so freshed faced they were really sweet performers. It made me think of the ( please shoot me now) Mexican Day of the Dead celebration ( is that close?) I don’t know if there is an asian version or holloween in Japan…. ( I am a very bad citazen of the world, forgive me) What that was China, right?
    PS. Anita, there is a question in there somewhere.


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