Eye Catcher

I like to collect clip-art for my stories and sometimes I find these pictures that are stories all on their own…like this one- when I first looked at it I thought it looked like the woman’s eye is missing.

And it looks like she’s deciding right there that she’s only lost an eye…which is nothing that look on her face says, compared to what’s doing to happen to the person who took it.

And then there’s this picture.

When I first found this picture on the  Vintage Resources site I grabbed it because at a glance it looked perfect to illustrate a story I’d just finished.

Once I put the story and clip together though I noticed something strange on the left hand side of the picture that I hadn’t noticed when I’d first pulled it down from the Clip Art site.

There was a faded image of a child leaning against the railing and that child seemed to be present in a way that the more visible children weren’t.

I could think of at least three reasons for that image to be there and two of them made me glad I wasn’t in the house alone- so with all the lights in my work area on I put the picture up all alone here at my Owl Creek Bridge with a caption that read ‘Almost There’.

Later I found out that child wasn’t a ghost- not in the way you’d define ghost-  but at the time this picture was taken the ‘ Almost There’ child was indeed dead.

While researching the subject of Post Mortem photography for questions I had received about something I’d written, I learned that this sort of photograph was created as a memorial to people who had passed on.

This is the way it was done:

The family would pose for a picture and then an image of the deceased was superimposed onto the new photograph.

That’s what was done with this photograph…that’s why it was created- it’s a memorial to a dead child.

Like I said, there were two reasons I could think of for that image to be there and when they first creeped into my head I was glad I wasn’t in the house alone.

I wish that were true right now.


11 thoughts on “Eye Catcher

  1. I was over at brainripples, and the word “Macabre” caught my eye.

    I wasted no time high-tailing it over to your blog, and I’m glad I did.

    Very nice site you have here, and I love that last post. I’m going to add you to my links. Don’t feel obligated to do the same.



  2. Hi Tony

    I’ve been to your site and your work is just amazing. Thank you so much for putting a link over at your place- it’s a pretty nifty compliment.

    So I’m going to act in kind 😉



  3. I’m hearing you Tony, I’ve been writing for about five hours now and my nose is about four inches from my computer monitor.

    But what are you gonna do?

    Not write?

    Not likely.


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