Inspired by The Soul Food Cafe Story Prompt

Walk Inside A Painting


” Somebody will find out, won’t they? ”

” Not a chance ” he told her.

” What we did was awful, wasn’t it?” she asked.

” I’ll say.”

” We can never go back. You know that don’t you? ”

” I figured as much.”

” Are you sure, are you positive nobody will ever find them? No one will ever find out what we’ve done? ”

The man told her, ” Nobody is as sick as we are, no one will ever figure out what we did to them.”

” I can promise you that.” He said. ” I can promise you that.”


 ” That’s a weird picture ” Livia’ s niece said as she handed the small tinted photograph to her Aunt.

They were rummaging through a box of old pictures and postcards at the Curiosity Emporium where Tia sold the antique books she collected on her travels.

It was a nice shop- it was quiet and a little messy and even though the air was dry it there was always the smell of mold and freshly turned earth coming from the backroom.

Livia took the picture from Akela and as she did their fingertips touched and Akela tried to not yank her hand away.

Tia Livia killed a man in a poker game once- it was a story that floated around at picnics and barbeques the occasional baby shower and other family events.

Akela wasn’t sure if she was hearing the same story with different variations on the theme, but it seemed like there were lots and lots of stories involving Tia Livia creating lots and lots of dead bodies.

Once Tia Livia heard her brother telling the poker story to some of his friends as they were roasting hamburgers and Tia came up from behind them and practically screamed that was a lie.

” Tell the story right Leo or don’t tell it at all ”

She had killed two men and a woman, Livia said between bites of cheeseburger ” Trust a man to underestimate the power of a woman ”

” She B.S’s all the time. ” Leo told his friends ” don’t believe her. Sure Liv. Two men AND a woman. At the same time. God, you are such a fibber.”

Tia spat a chunk of her burger out onto the ground and Leo smirked and went back to his barbaque.

Akela doubted Livia would ever hurt any of her own family but sometimes when Akela looked at Livia’s scared and slightly mashed hands she always felt a little trickle of sweat run down her shoulder blades.

Livia looked down at the faded picture and said with a laugh ” Well don’t those two look like they know where the bodies were chopped up and buried? ”

And as Livia let the picture fall from her fingers back into the box of photos the sound it made as it rustled into place almost sounded like someone whispering,

” You promised.”



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