Via 2nd Ave Extension South



This is 2nd Ave in Seattle, Washington.

It’s more then just a street…

I find stories here all of the time.

Strange ones.



Second Avenue Before The Fire


During The Fire


 after the Fire


and what lies beneath


Photographer’s notes: “Mineral palace Great Northern Celebration July 8 1893” “Pavilion Pioneer Square. Celebration of Completion of the Great Northern Ry July 3 1893”.

I put this here because my Grandfather told me that a man was buried under those steps alive (of course) in vault after he was caught cheating in a game of cards that didn’t involve money.

 Grandpa told me he was sure the man could probably hear the construction going on above him but that no one could hear him screaming-

so my Grandfather claims.


 In 1903 The Ringling Brothers Circus came to Seattle and elephants walked down  2nd Ave.

That’s another story I grew up on because some of my family members were there that day and they saw those elephants and the Circus Performers walking down the middle of the street that I now cross every day to catch my bus.

100 years almost to the day I hear a story from who woman sees the Ringling Brothers train come through Seattle.

 The train is pulling empty animal cages and travel cars and Big Top rigging on flat beds. She remembers lace curtains in the private cars and the faded circus logo painted on anything that could hold paint.

She says she still doesn’t know how to explain the feeling she got when she realized she didn’t see one person moving around in the passenger cars or in the engine car or getting on or off the train the entire time it was stopped right off her loading dock.

Not a Soul.

True story.


( Luna Park )

The Luna Park Fire– if my Grandfather or Aunt told me a good ghost or murder story they always tied it to the Luna Park Fire and DIRECTLY to the Famous Looff  Carousel.

After years of being scared out of my mind by those stories I was glad ( in a very malcious way ) when they came to the part when the Park burned down- but the part that always haunted me was the part about how the Carousel gets away.

        Specifically, how it always seems to get away.

The Carousel’s Weird Story starts when the famous Carousel craftsman Charles Looff built it in 1906. The Carousel was supposed to be sent to an amusement park in San Francisco- but it was re-routed to Seattle because of the Great San Francisco Earthquake and Fire.

(Escaped was the word my Grandfather used) 

It was installed in Luna Park in 1907 and it was the only thing to survive the Luna Park Fire in 1911.

(Escaped was the word my Aunt used and she insisted they moved it at dark)

 It was purchased by a private collector in the 1970’s and put in storage in New Mexico- Roswell, New Mexico and I am NOT making that up.

That Carousel is still around- it’s in San Francisco and I wouldn’t go near it for neither love or money.


So there’s my 2nd Avenue in Seattle-

some of these places I’ve told you about are on it

or under it or just a few blocks down

from it.

That Street

 haunted me and inspired me for my entire life and I guess that should make sense because

 I was born in Seattle

and I know she has

strange and weird ways

 of speaking to you


of claiming you

and of making you her own.

Which is not a bad thing at all.


10 thoughts on “Via 2nd Ave Extension South

  1. Very cool.

    My dad used to tell me about Luna Park.

    Recently, I have started doing some research on some of the local myths, lores, and legends…not to mention some true crime stuff. Up to now, I think I have neglected some very cool local stuff.

    Oh, and let me know about those voodoo dolls. 🙂


  2. Hi Tony,
    It’s wild, how we just let the local stuff pass us by.
    I forgot about some of these stories until I saw Max’s post…and then it all sort of snapped together.
    People know tons of great stories and local history then they realize, you just have to get them talking and the stuff that comes out?
    Pure Gold


  3. This is great local stuff, Anita Marie, and a good reminder of how much we can overlook just because it’s so close around us or we grew up with it. Just up the road from me we have the Witch of Pungo (or did, she was ducked and survived) and the Ocean View Roller Coaster- otherwise known as the Roller Coaster that wouldn’t die. It was used in the film Rollercoaster. When they were tearing down that park, I went to the auction to try to buy a carrousel horse with my life’s savings (about $200 bucks) and was shocked when they went for thousands of dollars. But maybe now I’m glad I didn’t get one…


  4. Hi Mari
    Those Carousel Horses are part of an entire culture- I mean they are prized- like the ones I wrote about are sought after by people from all over the world and the cost of some would short your brain out.

    But I’d stay away from the ones that were in Seattle…I don’t think the others are as, ummm…alive.


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