Did You Check Under The Bed?


The Count

the late Joe Towey

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When I was a kid I used to sit through hours and hours of Vincent Price movies and at the age of six was a devoted fan of a show called Nightmare Theatre which aired on KIRO TV in Seattle Washington from about 1964 through the mid 70’s.

I started watching it in late 1968- when I was four years old.

You read that right.

Nightmare Theatre was hosted by Joe Towey as The Count and they featured the best Horror Films in the world….well, that’s what I thought anyway…

actually that’s what I still think.

 At any rate, I could watch movies at the age of six that would give adults nightmares…but nothing and I mean nothing freaked me out like Disney Movies.

So when I came across this I had to post it- it captures exactly how I used to view Disney…

someone has been listening to my


Remember That Time We Thought We Were Dead?


When I was 18 ” Twilight Zone- The Movie” came out.

Can’t say I LOVED it but Dan Aykroyd ( he had the part as the ambulence driver ) was a favorite actor of mine so I enjoyed it- but what I really liked was the last line he had in the movie- which you can see here…in a minute.

This little snapshot of my life takes place a couple of weeks after I saw the movie.

My friend and I were stopped at a red light in his car when a drunk driver rear ended our car and my friend and I both ended up in the same ambulance together.

It was not a good scene…there was blood there was fear and both of us thought the woman in the car that hit us was dead because we never saw them take her out of her car.

We never saw another ambulence show up and we never heard anyone call for one.

And I felt like I was drowning on dry land.

The Paramedics told me I was having trouble breathing  because my ribs were probably cracked 

My friend is scared out of his mind  and going through his own Hell because for some reason he couldn’t see out of his right eye (to this day he still can’t see out of that eye and they never found out why).

And if this wasn’t enough my ears are ringing so bad I’m about ready to have a serious hissy fit when the ambulance driver turns around to reassure me it’s going to be okay…. and he looks just like Dan Aykroyd.

Swear to God…

Here’s the part where you have to watch the clip to the end and you’ll hear what I said and you’ll see what I saw and you can go ahead and laugh.

My One-Eyed Friend and I do…

but there’s an Ambulance driver out there somewhere who probably talks about that time this kid turned to him with blood running from her ears and said…” Hey Man…-“

go ahead, hit the arrow and find out.