11 thoughts on “The Exorcist Gets French(ed) and Saunder’d

  1. Then you probably don’t want me to tell you that not only was that her, but that she’s married to and actor named Adrian Edmondson who was on a lil’ slice o’ comedy pie called ” The Young Ones.”



  2. Ah yes, French and Saunders, first rate British comedy from my youth … cheers Anita 😀

    Both of them are still putting out new material, at least they were as recently as last year, albeit independently of each other … they still occasionaly do ‘reunion’ pieces … but I don’t have a telly anymore so … :shrugs:


  3. I almost didn’t click on the link because I am scairt, outrageously scairt of The Exorcist. I have never gotten over that film.
    But I’m glad I did. Whoo. That was hilarious, I’ve never heard of this pair, but when she stuck out that tongue, I hit the floor.
    Thanks for the laughter today, Anita Marie.


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