Below The Bridge


What would bring you out to Anita’s Owl Creek Bridge so late at night?

How strange, you sat in your car and waited for the the sunset.

You waited for hours.

Which makes me wonder

What did you come looking for here in the darkness under Anita’s Owl Creek Bridge?

Evidence of Misdeeds? Dark Secrets? Murder? Mayhem?

The Devil?


How interesting… how puzzling…how amusing.

Under the Bridge is bad enough by daylight- in the evening it’s Hell on Earth.

Sometimes I go down there for stories and it’s days before I can sleep through the night again.


So I think I’ll wait for you in your car, where it’s dry and warm and dark.

When you get back we’ll chat.

It’ll be a scream.


23 thoughts on “Below The Bridge

  1. Well, there’s some trash under the bridge, a dead seagull, signs of a homeless person’s camp, and something with glowing red eyes.

    It’s pretty cool. Come on down, AMM.



  2. Lori- nope, you just described my loading dock at work…and it’s Saturday I do believe I’ll just stay up top and chill

    And Mark!
    Hey you…I’m going to head to your place and read your new story which I would advise anyone else to do- just click Mark’s name on the comment box.
    You will NOT be sorry.

    and while your at it, pay Lori a visit to- she’s got some cool stuff up as well.



  3. You’re right…
    He just turned 16 and that cat is still on top of the game. I figure it’s not luck that got him there- plus he burned through those nine lives about 50 lives ago.


  4. I dunno, Anita, I kind of like it here under your bridge. It’s never dull here and well, if I don’t sleep so well and things are chasing me and I’m afraid to open my front door and I’m sure there’s something under my bed and I’m looking three times at the people I meet on the street, well, that’s a small price to pay for experiencing the things that go on under the bridge. (I think.)


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