Whispered Tale From Under The Bridge


When I was a kid my Mom told me this story about a failed exorcism.

The thing of it is nobody knew it failed for about 40 years. The story was that a young man had been taken over by a demon and a priest was supposed to have driven the demon out.

When the man died 40 years later, he was supposed to have confessed to a Priest on his deathbed that he (the demon) had never left.

I found out later that more then a few people suspected this all along.

After he died they buried him just outside of the Cemetery.

No one knows where.

But he’s out there.

He IS real.

How do I know?

How do you think I found my way to my own Owl Creek Bridge?

By chance?

It’s okay I don’t believe that either.


6 thoughts on “Whispered Tale From Under The Bridge

  1. Hello Poeticscot!

    I really did grow up on that story- and try as I might I’ve never been able to ‘capture’ it- so I decided to tell it like I heard it.

    I wished I’d have thought of that sooner.



  2. Well, it worked telling it like that. Mysterious and creepy. I feel like I am repetitive when responding to things you write, but they always give me chills. 🙂


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