Commencement Bay



I woke up to this news story.

A set of skeletal human remains in a diving suit was found in Commencement Bay in Tacoma Washington.

The body was recovered at 200 feet and a quote from the story says,”It could have been here for years, up to 9 months,” said Detective Ed Troyer with the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department. “

 All the same the Diver- hidden by the dark waters of The Bay- came up to the surface and it’s a haunting story.

Isn’t it?

Body of diver found in Commencement Bay

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By KOMO Staff

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Investigators are trying to identify the skeletal remains of a diver, recovered Monday in Tacoma’s Commencement Bay. An off duty firefighter discovered it while diving in some pretty deep waters.

The water is deep enough to make for a challenging search. From the shore, there’s a slow decline, then at about 55 feet, there’s a sharp drop-off.

At this point, most divers only go about 130 feet deep. But there are more extreme divers who use special equipment and go deeper. The body was found at 200 feet.

“It could have been here for years, up to 9 months,” said Detective Ed Troyer with the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department. “We have identified a couple of different divers that have gone missing from down here over the years that have gone missing over the years that we have not recovered.”

Crews had to use a sonar camera to locate the body, and a remote control robot to dive the distance, and pull the body up to the surface.

At this point, it’s up to the medical examiner to answer the mystery of the diver’s identity, and how long the body has been underwater.

10 thoughts on “Commencement Bay

  1. I read a mystery one time that was set in the Great Lakes region. Apparently the depth and cold temperatures of the water turn bodies into a waxy sort of substance instead of helping them decay in a normal manner – like an underwater wax museum… Now that’s kind of creepy.


  2. Wow, crazy story. For me, there’s always a sort of mystical element to bodies of water. Nothing is scarier to me than the middle of the ocean at night. Like looking into ink.


  3. Hey, maybe this guy is that diver that got sucked up by one of those airplanes that drop water on a fire?? No, wait, how’d he get back to the lake from the forest?? Must be some other urban myth…:)


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