It Started Here….


Here are some links to Story Starters that inspired me

to write the stories you can find here at Anita’s Owl Creek Bridge


They weren’t ‘strange’ until I got my hands on them…

 trust me…anybody can use them



Story Starters

Ceremony Of The Mirror


The Deserted Farmhouse

Walk Inside A Painting

Not Quite Alice

The Lonely Ones

Soul Food Cafe Home Page

4 thoughts on “It Started Here….

  1. I’ve never been much for story starters, or exercises, or even themed anthologies. I sometimes feel fenced in by them, rather than creatively stimulated, which I think most people feel.

    However, that said, The links you provided had some interesting ones I might try out.

    Thanks for posting.


  2. You should try them Tony… I’m not one to follow directions- I like to improvise so the prompts went one way and I went another.

    If you want to see which of my stories were inspired by which prompt you can look here:

    Just go under catagories and you’ll find the stories in their homes with the links posted either at the top or bottom of the pages.

    Let me know how it goes!
    anita marie


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