8 thoughts on “From Weird U.S.- The Mothman

  1. I went through my neighborhood and collected all of the mothballs that I could and brought them to my garage. I took the donated moth/Kryptonite and crushed them all. Then I reformed them into one GIANT Moth-Man thwarting mothball.

    The problem was that it was too big to move from Florida to the Midwest. So I wrote a letter to Big Foot to see if he could give me a hand. I know what you’re saying…BIG FOOT …HA…but it’s all I had left. The Locke Ness Monster was busy dragging a space ship to Area 51.

    I am constructing a 47 foot flyswatter as a backup…just in case BF lets me down too.

    Damn these abberitions (sp?)…damn them all…


  2. Wooooo Anita, that mothman stuff scares me.
    I didn’t think it would when I rented the DVD, but there is something about this stuff that makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck.
    White Noise too, scary stuff.


  3. Hi Kitty
    This is one of those stories that just doesn’t fit anywhere…it’s like everyone in the story is running around except for that one figure- the Mothman.

    It had purpose.



  4. AM…I did a post about Mr. Mothman, too. Actually, I was pretty young when the Silver Bridge collapsed. AND….I had just gone over it a couple of days before on a bus. Crapola!

    I think I’ll relocate to Charlie’s neighborhood. Like Pedro (in Napoleon Dynamite) he provides protection. Seems he has a direct line to all the scary creatures.

    I love your blog.


  5. Ah Heck, you’re sweet….and that you enjoy my blog. Yours is pretty darn awesome too.

    At least you’ve got Mr Mothman…we’ve got Big Foot. That’s it. And being we’re all so nice up here near Seattle ( har, har ) Big Foot is, of course, a Granola Head.


    Double Darn.

    Oh…what the hell…damn it.


  6. You can’t tell from that segment, but the mothman statue has a pretty funny butt. For a statue sitting in the middle of a town, that is. It’s more, uh, museum-worthy.


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