Last Stop

This is from a writing project I’m doing at

The Soul Food Cafe


Part 1



Rainbow Beach.

That’s where Alona Darelyn was going.

There was no doubt about it.

It said so on Alona Darelyn’s bus ticket and it was printed on the blue and green tags that were secured to the handles of the bags she had carried on the bus with her when she boarded it four days ago.

It was also written in faded blue ink on the postcard that had arrived in her mailbox three weeks ago.

The postcard showed one of Rainbow Beaches up and coming attractions- though the attraction that was featured had long since arrived and went years ago.

It was a picture of Sideshow.

And it promised you would meet a Congress of Living Freaks.

” Hope so.” Alona told the card.

The postcard was old, faded and worn and it smelled like mildew and spices and Alona guessed that maybe someone had found it in one of those bookstores that sold vintage postcards and posters with girls clutching Coca-Cola bottles to their shapely chests.

Or maybe, Alona thought someone had found it in an old address book that used to on her grandmother’s writing desk.

She lifted the postcard to her nose and sniffed.

And then she turned it over again and read her own name and address on the right hand side of the card and on the left was printed:

Kanden Birch.

Alona traced each letter and then she put the postcard back into her bag and watched the sun start to set and sometime during the night the bus came to the little town of Five Corners, the last stop before Rainbow Beach.

Alona took her bags out from the overhead rack and she got off the bus and as she watched the bus glide away into the night- out towards Rainbow Beach she guessed she wasn’t in a hurry.

Rainbow Beach and the Kanden were up there.

Waiting for her.

Pt 2

The Fork In The Road

is coming soon.