9 thoughts on “Wrong

  1. Hi N.M Kitty and Woeful ( btw Woeful, thanks for stopping by- you blog and your endorsement of Obama is SUPERB ) Sorry it took so long to say hi here.

    Do you know why I like this picture ( well, besides the fact it’s creepy ) I happen to think that ALL kids have the power to turn into one of these things.

    anita marie


  2. Hi N.M
    I kept getting comments from people who said they couldn’t see the video, so I pulled it.

    And then I found out if too many people are viewing it that some will get an error message.

    Grrrrr…I’ll put it up but I’ve got some stories coming so you may have to look for it



  3. Again I have to wonder to myself why I insist on visiting your site before I go to bed?…I have to check on my 20 month old son soon and my imagination is working overtime…who knows whats growing in my belly!!!!! Is this for real?


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