The Weather Is Beautiful Wish You Were Here

PT 2

From the Continuing Adventures of Milo and Jingle

They were a husband and a wife on their Honeymoon  and they were in a museum looking at one of a hundred mummies .

The mummy that Jingle and Milo  were looking was in it’s sarcophagus, the lid was off and the mummy and it’s coffin were  standing upright encased in a glass case.

 A the mummy’s feet was the story about the nameless princess- dead for thousands of years now-  with the back of her skull missing.

Was it a murder?

Was it an accident during the embalming process?

Who buried the Princess, whose hands were also missing,below the floor of a tomb belonging to the many dogs once owned by the Pharaoh

asked the card

which also had a black and white picture next to it of the Mummy’s unwrapped head

showing the curious

the damaged skull.

Jingle looked into the face of the long dead woman and snickered-she did not laugh, she did not chuckle…she snickered

 and when she realized her husband was watching her she blushed- just a little,

 cleared her throat a tiny bit-

and then she tried,

 not very successfully,

 to saunter away like all of the rest of the Musuem Vistors who were just looking around on that July afternoon.

” Jingle…come back here…Jingle… “

And Jingle said to Milo as she disappeared comfortably into the rows of the dead.

” When some people tell you hands off …they mean it Milo. “

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