Stream of Thought

I have spent Summers and Winters up in the Mountains of Washington State


I have followed trails

and ridden on old logging roads

on horseback and by motorcycle.

And sometimes

I would follow


and Rivers

and small streams

by foot.


I would follow the running water from the safety of the river banks

which always smelled like rotten leaves and wet dirt

and I would try to ignore the way the water would be loud and talkative one moment

and completely silent the next.

I have even gone on rafting trips and taken canoes out onto the water with my friends

and in the pictures that have been taken I am never smiling.

 My mouth is always set in a hard straight line


I am grimacing in every single shot spanning over  30 years.

Today I thought about the Rivers and Streams, the Creeks I have explored and when I tried to picture one-

any one of the many I have been too

the only image that came to me


one of

a hand

gently moving the black laughing water from side to side

and that hand

…was not mine.


7 thoughts on “Stream of Thought

  1. I lit a cigarette and made a tea.
    Since the last TV broadcast seven months ago there had been only sparse radio transmissions. I remember the prime minister; grey and scruffy, telling the nation that it was lost.
    But luckily the internet still worked.
    I went to and planned my escape.

    more at:


  2. I’d say good luck on your escape Max- but I’m sure that would be too easy for you and not as much fun

    Meander- it was great of you to stop by and I’m glad you enjoyed the image- it’s a real one for me so this was a hard piece to capture in words…in the end I was happy with it though.

    Anita Marie


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