I Was Out On Birch Road…

I have never been afraid of going off road and exploring

empty houses

and empty buildings.

I’ve gone into places with just a flashlight

and when I carried one I would leave my phone in the car.

The only thing I was afraid of was getting bugs in my hair.

I really hated it when that happened.


One day I found this empty house

and I had a great time poking around in there

and for some reason I sat there

on a dusty dirty floor

in what used to be the living room

and I thought:

Anything could have happened here…


Someone could have proposed marriage right on this spot

or somebody could have stood right here and been told that

their Mother had died or that their son was joining  the Army

or their daughter was pregnant or there had been a terrible accident…

all of that could have happened right here in this small space where I was standing in this house nobody had lived in for years.

These were random thoughts about normal,  familiar and safe things that happen to us all in life- which was funny considering where they had come to me.

But when I left, as I walked down the walkway to the path that would take me to my car I saw a shovel leaning against a doorway that led down into a root cellar.

I became painfully aware of the fact that the Sun would be setting soon.

I ran all the way to my car.

4 thoughts on “I Was Out On Birch Road…

  1. Thanks AMM, it’s broad daylight and now I’m having a heebee jeebie fit about shovels. I’m sharing Lil Blue’s blankie for a while. *rocking, thumb in mouth*


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