Her Eyes Are Wrong

The picture is in a gold frame and

and it is hanging in a basement in a little room with a coal shoot door that won’t stay nailed shut where I used to play as a child.

One year I pulled the picture down, turned it over and saw written on the back in dark red ink:

“Her eyes are wrong- and it’s to late to change them now “

I turned the picture so that it faced the wall.

But the words scared me more then the photograph itself

so I turned it back around

and I never looked into the eyes in that picture again.

But it didn’t matter.

Because those eyes, those wrong eyes, saw me.

I know it.

And I know that they still do.


Halloween In The Prep Room

“Morgue Halloween Fun For You!”

Mummies…they’ve got them at


Urban Legends?

That’s what they say they are:


Halloween Ghost Stories dot Com

Halloween Games- Grave Robbing is not on this list, I checked. Here’s a link to what they do have on the  Halloween Games List at Party Ideas dot Com