When Monsters Kill

…he will be taken from the jail at three o’clock in the afternoon

he will be hanged by the neck until dead

and it is further  considered   by the court

that after the execution is done

your body will be delivered to Doctor J.W. Canfield, a surgeon

for dissection

and may God have Mercy on your soul

That was the price

Antoine LeBlanc

paid for the murders of Judge Samuel Sayres and his family

However, legend says that after Le Blanc was pronounced dead he wasn’t even close to completing his sentence:::

After the execution, Dr. Canfield of Morristown took the body, and with the help of the esteemed Dr. Joseph Henry of Princeton University, passed electrical current through it to see if it could be resurrected. Although they were able to make the limbs contract, the eyes roll, and the mouth grin, the corpse stayed lifeless.



By: L’Aura Muller

So who was the monster and who was the beast and why did a Judge find it necessary to kill a man twice?

Just a little thought for you to turn over in your head on Halloween.

From Weird N.J.


4 thoughts on “When Monsters Kill

  1. Thanks for the great info! Too Shy to Stop writer Adrian Wirstiuk just wrote a piece about Weird N.J. magazine in celebration of Halloween. You can read the article here.


  2. I’m still pissed that they knocked the Sayre House (where these murders took place) down to build a bank. It was where my parents had their wedding reception, in one of the building’s many incarnations as a restaurant.


  3. Hi Joanne

    You know, they probably considered it a blight on their local history- in Seattle the blue bloods still can’t accept the fact that one of their ‘founding fathers’ was a Pimp named John Pinnell- Pinnell did his thing back in 1861 and to this day when he’s refered to he’s called a ” proprietor brothels ”


    We call that PIMP nowdays.


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