10 thoughts on “A Place To Rest Your Bones

  1. this one has some meaning for me Sen, so I wanted to feature it first-

    there certainly is Vi- but I think most of Washelli’s art is in the landscaping- the trees here are wonderful

    Yep that’s him Lori- plus you can see him in the background in the first shot.



  2. What fabulous photos and I am so pleased to note that one of our girls was there with you as you wandered. I like cemeteries but would never opt to rest my bones in one – unless of course, it was as beautiful a place as this.


  3. It looks less like a cemetary in some shots and more like the garden of a grand estate or art museum. Beautiful place. I’m sure very peaceful as well. Your photography is amazing!


  4. Hi Sally- Evergreen Washelli is designed to be part of the community so it does have that park like feel to it-

    also, a lot of kids have learned to drive there- (my dad was one of them- and that was over 5o years ago! ) so that’s how long that’s been going on, people jog there, walk there dogs and one on side think nothing of using it as a short cut.

    I think there’s a story there hmmmmm


  5. Your photos capture the stillness of cemetries, that eerie silence that sems to rise out through the cracks of the broken tombs……oh dear, I’m scaring myself here!!


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