Monsters, Maybe

Photo A.M. Moscoso 

 Photo By:  A.M. Moscoso

So I walk by this wall and I look up and there is this door and two windows

that don’t go anywhere.

The building behind them is gone.

The stairs are gone.

The door is at least 20 feet up off of the ground.

And the door is chained shut.

I am sure that there are stranger things in the world then this.

But not that many.

8 thoughts on “Monsters, Maybe

  1. Hi Tony

    It was your idea- so YOU should write it.
    I did the hard part, I had to turn my back on some weird people to take the picture.

    This just keeps getting stranger and stranger…
    and you Mr Tony have that down in your writing.


  2. This photo reminds me of two things:

    1) I was just watching a Rick Steves’ Europe show (I think that was where I saw this) that looked at stone towers which were built with a single, narrow entrance several feet off of the ground. Apparently, the idea was that the home was only accessible by ladder, and that the entrance was too narrow for an armor-suited soldier to pass through!

    2) When I was a kid and my folks remodeled the house, we spent a period of time without a front porch (the front door entered at the split-level between two stories). It was sort of a strange, disembodied feeling to not be able to pass through the main door. Then, one night at dinner… there was a knock at the door! (It turned out to be a strong friend who had hefted herself up to the door frame to knock… but there was that brief moment of “WHO…. or WHAT…. is up there knocking at the front door???”)

    Great photo AMM


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