11 thoughts on “Unfunny Spirits

  1. I just find it funny that people who are so obviously ‘afraid of the dark’ spend their entire lives walking around with their eyes closed.

    I mean, I feed off that you know?

    So keep putting those thoughts out there. I think the world would be a better place if we all got a free pony but I don’t EXPECT one.


  2. Who would ban your stories? I find them interesting and off the beaten path, but not that disturbing. If I want disturbing sleep with the lights on type terror, I watch CNN or any channel that features our government at work.


    • It’s funny you should say that because it happened in an office that deals with issues like politics.

      On the other hand being that I take so much inspiration from those groups maybe they just didn’t like having the mirror put into their faces.


  3. I believe that this is definately a sign that you’re doing a great job. I for one look forward to your posts. Keep up the good work.


  4. That’s sort of cool in a messed up way.

    Last year (or whenever it was) when i had a couple stories published with everydayfiction.com, I had a similar reaction to one of my stories.

    The story in question had a scene where a cat is unintentionally killed. I in no way derive any sort of pleasure from the thought of it (I love my cat and all cats). And in fact, the scene plays out in total darkness, so there isn’t even any gore.

    But they were extremely put off by it and told me as much.

    Anyway, keep up the good work, Anita. I’m of the opinion that the more violent the reaction you can evoke, the better you’re doing.


  5. I consider it a mark of distinction. As if your audience here couldn’t confirm already, now you know for certain that you’re getting under someone’s skin!




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