So, How Did YOUR Day Go?

Yesterday at my bus stop I was leaning against the wall, watching the alley across the street.


So what is it with me and this alley?

It’s just weird looking, it’s got the brick road and if you know what to look for you can sort of see old Seattle down there- the fronts of buildings get ‘face lifts’ but not the backs so looking down some of those alleys is sort of like going back into time- or

like seeing a ghost.


I was looking down the alley with undivided attention because I can see this tan truck with tinted windows in the back and I know what that truck  is.

It’s the Medical Examiners Truck.

Actually, the city uses the same truck for other Departments, but only the Medical Examiners truck has tinted windows in the back.

So out of the building pops two people with the M.E. jackets and one has a camera and eventually a Police Officer comes out and last but not least out comes this and M.E. with a bag about the size of a suitcase and I think-


I mean, I know what they put into those bags.

It’s sort of a ‘to-go’ bag if you know what I mean.

So he pops it into the back of the truck and goes around to the front and gets in and drives off.


I don’t think anyone else noticed.