Something Wicked This Way….



Visit my friend Tony’s Blog- he’s going to be posting Halloween related material, plus he’s a great writer so you’re going to enjoy yourself.

I’m loving his Kickoff post because it deals with Halloween Music.

visit Tales At Twilight….and enjoy…


Grave Thoughts Pt. 2


East Dalhousie Cemetery, Nova Scotia


Today I was waiting for my bus when

a Medical Examiners Truck pulls up to the traffic light and stops.

It was a white truck with black lettering.

Very nifty.

I wondered if anyone was in the back of it.

Actually I knew there wasn’t.


I sighed.


And then I saw this crow come swooping down the middle of the street-

and then it landed

right on top of the

Medical Examiners Truck.


Hey now- I thought to myself- that is very nifty.


The crow took off just as the light turned green.


I didn’t see which way it went.