On The First Day Of Halloween


Welcome To Anita’s 13 Days Of Halloween.

These are 13 Things that just scream


to me.

Want to know what they are?


First up: 


It has the power to turn people into beasts

and it can drive the sane- insane.

When I was a kid my Grandma used to teach me to sing songs from the 1920’s and the 1940’s. We’d sit in the kitchen and she would smoke ( Grandma Ginger! ) and we would sing and as a result of those lessons to this day I use phrases like  bees knees and cats Pajamas , snazzy, peachy keen and  hard boiled.

Grandma Ginger taught me this particular song-just before Halloween, so in  my mind that’s what this was. A Halloween Song. I’m not making that up.

In this song a woman is hunted down by moonlight and she starts to remember this man she fell in love with. It was weird because the moonlight was there when they fell in love and it was warning him ( in my five year old mind ) not to do this awful thing.

Also, she kept talking about him stealing her heart, which led me to believe she was walking around  and singing without one now.

That was Pure Horror in my five year old brain.

I decided that something very bad must have happened to him for doing that

and turns out  it did because as my Grandma sang and I repeated the lines after her  it occurred to me he was gone and the last person to see him was this woman.

Who was still alive even though she had no heart.

” How did she do it?” I asked my Grandma stopping us mid-song.

” Do what?”

” Did she drown him?”

” What?” My poor Grandma Ginger, she should have just had that word tattooed on her forehead because she said to say it every single time I opened my mouth.

“Or did she shove him off a cliff and into the water ?” I asked

” Marie, this is a famous love song.” My Grandma told me.

 I slid off the kitchen chair and headed out to my tree  house in the back yard, and I remember it like it was only yesterday. I turned around and said to my Grandma, ” Sure it is….sure it is Grandma.”