And We Had A Howlin’ Good Time


Halloween-its not just a Human Holiday


So dressing up pets seems like the logical thing to do.


The Headless Dogman- this is an impressive costume and a great idea- and I think that dog deserves a lifetime supply of treats for going along with this.

 I’d dress my pets up ( I have cats and dogs,) for Halloween  only I do recognize the fact they pretty much act as a pack so at the end of the day its safe to say I would probably disappear without a trace.

 Halloween Kudos to all involved the Headless Dogman and family.



However, this costume was just nifty and won me over in a big way- I have a dog named Cerebus, so I’m just partial to the idea of a three headed dog. But this isn’t just any Cerebus…its


Come on, what’s not to love about this costume!


For more Funny Pet Costumes visit the HUFFINGTON POST

3 thoughts on “And We Had A Howlin’ Good Time

  1. What a crack up!! My daughter just dressed our dog up in “Build a Bear” skirt and t shirt. He didn’t seem to care but my hubby said it was just wrong!


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