On The Second Day Of Halloween


On The Second Day Of Halloween

It’s all about

 The Strange.


I was watching a show about Haunted Houses.

A couple of them had the funeral home/ morgue theme going on.

I think that is a fun idea- even though I worked in a funeral home and for me

the magic is gone.

Funeral Homes don’t scare me.

Not even a little.

I’ve never seen a ghost at a funeral home, I’ve never seen the undead walking through the cemetery at night, and in the prep room we don’t cover the faces of the dead.


There were a few times, when I had to work late at night

and for no reason at all

I would start to feel like

I didn’t belong there.


And on those rare nights when I felt like an intruder in a place I considered my home away from home

if something would have tapped me on the shoulder

and if I had turned around and found that nobody was there

I wouldn’t have been surprised.

Not in the slightest.








3 thoughts on “On The Second Day Of Halloween

  1. A good friend from high school runs a funeral home. I often wonder how he views life and death, if he’s had any strange experiences…

    The photos are outstanding! as are your words.


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