On The Third Day Of Halloween

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Inspired by a friend I search for the ultimate Halloween Costume


What do you want to be for Halloween

my best friend used to ask me starting sometime during the middle of August.

” I don’t know yet.” I used to tell her.

When I got married and had kids the question changed to,

” What are your kids going to be for Halloween?”

” I don’t know yet.” was my 20 year old reply.

It’s funny how it’s come full circle.

Now our kids are grown and we are back to attending costumes parties, and I still have problems with deciding

what to be for Halloween.

And then one year I got tired of being called ‘costume challanged’.


I put effort into it

This time when my friend called and asked what was I going to be for Halloween I said,

” I’m going to be you.”

” What?”

” I’m going to be you. ” I said.

” That’s silly.” she said.

” No more silly than dressing up as a Space Alien or a Mummy or a Witch.”

” Well,  you can’t be me.”

” Yes I can. I can and I will and I’ll be so good at it, that you will pale in comparison. You won’t matter. You will just be a pale imitation of me.”

” Anita, that’s just freaky and weird….and…”

” A darn fine idea.”

She agreed.

And then she asked:

” You’re going to write about this, aren’t you?” she asked.

And I did.

For you.

Happy Halloween