Burke And Hare and Doctor Who?


The life and death masks of Burke and Hare. Photograph: Paul Kelbie/Observer The life and death masks of Burke and Hare. Photograph: Paul Kelbie/Observer

The man who brought you

An American Werewolf in London

is going to bring you

David ” Doctor Who Tennant ” Who as

William Hare.

Hare, in case you are not aware of it, was the other half of team Burke and Hare- and back in the day they were a couple of serial killers who found a very novel way of covering up their crimes.

They sold the evidence to a Medical College and the Medical College in turn used the corpses for dissection.

I know, I know, the story goes that Burke and Hare killed all of those people for the money.

But nobody does what Burke and Hare did for money, they did it because they liked it.

So that’s the story of Burke and Hare according to me.

According to John Landis the story of Burke and Hare

is a comedy / thriller.

in this youtube clip at about 10 minutes in Landis confirms David Tennants role in his upcoming film

Well, you know I guess that’s not to far away from the reality of the situation.

I can find something funny in the story of Burke and Hare.

After Burke was hung, they put his skeleton, death mask and items made from his tanned skin on display at the same college that was duped into helping him cover up his crimes ( Hell hath no furry like an College scorned )

And Hare disappeared without a trace.

I learned this from CSI- the TV Show– nobody disappears without a trace.

It’s just that there’s no telling where that trace will turn up.

The possibilities are dark, endless and dare I say




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