Doctor 2001


This is a fan video that was posted on Youtube.

It shows- in a very imaginitive way- what if Stanley Kubrik had added a third character to his movie


the first being the Monolith, the second HAL and the third…

Doctor Who

Tardis Time Girl Says:

A bit of Doctor Who fun this year. If you don’t know The Wheel in Space or 2001…it will all seem a bit mad 🙂
Made in Lightwave, the spaceplane and red chair are from the 2001-3d-archive. Low earth orbit by Steve Skinner.

2 thoughts on “Doctor 2001

  1. Back in the old days, if D.W. fans were inspired all we had were pen, ink and costume making. Now we can do things like this, blogs etc. Its great to be able to see this fans have these tools to create with, isn’t it?


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