Once I Read This Weird Story….

Over the year I wrote more than a few stories.

These were my favorites.

Body Talk

I wrote this for Halloween.  It’s one of those stories that got away from me- I didn’t intend for it to be funny but when you have two dead people talking to each other it should be no surprise that it isn’t going to be a traditional conversation.

Me, Betsy and The Church Zombie

Real life IS stranger than fiction and this story about me and my friend proves it.

Typical Trixie

This story was inspired by the relationship between me and my sister. She’s organized, acts older than me even though she’s younger than me and to this day when I say ” Hey Es, I read heard this weir thing… ” she puts her hand over her ears and starts screaming for 0ur Mom.  And no, I haven’t asked her to read this one. Something tells me she would not be amused.


When worlds collide…it’s a scenario that I never get tired of exploring.

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