Anna’s Mirrors

There is legend

about a girl named


who was not sane-

and one day her family sent her away to be cured

at a hospital

on a road

out in the middle of nowhere.

There were bars on all of the windows.


The Doctors

who were not sane

locked her in a room full of mirrors

and the things that lived in Anna’s Brain

the things that drove her insane

went to live in the mirrors

where it was dark and quite and they didn’t have to listen to

Poor Anna’s Brain scream and scream and scream anymore.


One day

for no reason at all

the people died and the hospital died

and so did the things that hid under the beds

and in the closets.


Now Anna’s Mirrors hang from walls

in houses and libraries and shops and hotels


some are hanging in buildings with rats in the walls.


 If by an unlucky

turn of fate

you find

one of the cool dark mirrors that hung in poor Anna’s room

in the hospital where the Doctors were not sane

and you press your ear to the glass

you can  hear


moving around in there

and that something

that was  never sane

used to live inside of

Poor Anna’s Brain