Yes. Really.

::::What I Want For Christmas:::

A couple of years ago I asked for my very own Fiji Mermaid.

By that empty spot on my shelf it is very glaringly obvious that SOMETHING was absent from under my tree on Christmas Morning

:::Anita Marie Coughs Delicately Into A Tightly Clenched Fist:::

I SUPPOSE I should have settled for a fake one, but what would be the point in that?

So this year I am going to be practical.

I don’t want a Fiji Mermaid this year, though it is most definitely NOT off th list.

This year I would like to find wrapped in festive  red paper and stamped with gold and silver prancing and dancing reindeer and please no bow because for SOME weird reason when my cats and dogs see bows they run and hide- I would like to find-

Here it is

My Christmas Wish For 2010

 I would like


Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe in Seattle sells mountains of them a year.

I would like one of those.

And no it does NOT have to be a real one.


It doesn’t.

4 thoughts on “Yes. Really.

    • Hello Jade Blackwater! I love your user ID. Did Anita ever answer your Questions? I also want to know if Anita got any of the items that were on her Christ-mas list.

      Anita, if you see this, did you get all of the items that were on your list?


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