I Will Not Laugh At The Misery Of Others


Wild Ghosts


If Only

  Frozen doorways

are always open


Was That Necessary?

Its creepy

its cool

its cool and creepy stuff that I found on the interwebs today.

You’re welcome.


That Would Be SO Cool

Wouldn’t it be cool if for Easter

somebody made  giant chocolate Easter Island Statues

and you found those sitting in your living room on Easter Morning?

How would you like to bite the ears off of those things?


Happy Easter Everybody



The House Is Dead Where There’s No Bread

Take some dough, raisins, cashews and chocolate and a touch of the morbid and what do you get?

Bread shaped and baked to resemble human remains.

If Betty Crocker were real she wouldn’t be spinning in her grave- she’ d be throwing up in it.

photos from the

Gruesome Body Bakery