The House Is Dead Where There’s No Bread

Take some dough, raisins, cashews and chocolate and a touch of the morbid and what do you get?

Bread shaped and baked to resemble human remains.

If Betty Crocker were real she wouldn’t be spinning in her grave- she’ d be throwing up in it.

photos from the

Gruesome Body Bakery

Me, The Black Arts And Grocery Stores

When I was a kid I wanted to be a magician for two specific reasons.

Reason #1

I wanted to raise the dead.

I wasn’t picky about the who or what I wanted to dig up and reanimate. I just wanted to see a bunch of rotting corpses chase people around the supermarket. For my own special reasons I’ve long since forgotten raising the dead and turning them loose in the canned good aisles made perfect sense to me.

Reason #2

I wanted to learn hypnosis so that I could make people  cackle like chickens. Of course, I wanted them to stay that way which is probably the reason every time I used to cut those ads out for those hypnosis kits and tried to mail them off my Mom used to pull them out of our mailbox.

It’s not like I told her my grand plan, but she was my Mom so she probably knew where I was going with that.

Now that I am all grown up, fact is I’m getting old- I’ve given up my dreams of Magic and now days forcing the dead from their nice quiet graves seems pretty rude- so I’m over that.


Over it.


So I’m just wondering about Ventriloquism- I wonder if some of those stories about some ventriloquists  going bonkers because their dummies are demons from Hell are  true….juuusttt wondering

Radiation As A Beauty Aid

I have written stories about a Killer Grandmother, a  Suburban Housewife who  bakes trick or treaters into pies and what it’s like when Satan has a bad hair day.

I could never have dreamed up a story where a woman  rubs radioactive dirt into her face  to sell  face cream…but a company called Dorothy Gray Cosmetics had a model do just that for a commercial.

Horror Writers have nothing on this company…nothing.


Busy Busy Me

Sorry I have not posted  for a while but I’ve been busy writing and wouldn’t you know it?

When I’m writing in one place , I’m NOT writing in another but I shall return soon.

For now here are some of my older stories that sort of make me laugh which means they’ll probably make most people say:

Anita Marie, really? Was that necessary?

Well, you know yes it was.