Follow The Sun… I DARE you

For the past year I’ve actually been writing- not that you’d guess it by what you see here- but I’ve decided to give screenwriting a try, and if you think it’s as easy as sitting down and just writing one you are so wrong.

There’s a science to it and so far, even though learning this new language has been a challange I am LOVING it.

However, if you write ghost stories or scary stories like I (try) to then you know the Fall and Halloween are the big time of the year to get your work out there- so after this intermission I’ll be back…

One thought on “Follow The Sun… I DARE you

  1. No hints or anything? Aw c’mon Anita! I wanna know what you’re cooking up for the screen!!

    Hope you have some creative months ahead – can’t wait to see your creations (once you’ve thrown the switch).


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