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A pennyweight is an insignificant weight and insignificant amounts of gold were found on the flats around the cemetery; so it got its name.

The autumn still and beauty of this place belies its significance as the site of such loss.

This is a cemetery almost without headstones, almost without defined graves and yet it is the final resting place of over two hundred children.  It’s not well known and not much visited.

I have come to enjoy visiting this place.

During 1852, as the Victorian gold rushes began, children started dying from typhoid and dysentery after drinking tainted creek water during their first goldfields summer.  So a cemetery was established on a rocky hill overlooking the area. They were buried on what must have been a sad and exposed hilltop below which locust swarms of new arrivals jostled, blinded to the truth on the hill above them. In that…

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