September 22, 2012

It’s the fist day of Autumn and today I knew it in my bones I felt it in my bones and there is not a shred of doubt and no question in my mind OR in my bones:

I want to be a ghost for Halloween.

I want to haunt a decrepit house, I want to rattle heavy rusty chains with a dubious past and were used for dubious reasons, I want to hide in dark corners filled with twisted shadows , I want to slowly open and close doors  covered with chipped paint and  have cloudy chipped glass doorknobs that can almost turn in your hand  but don’t and  I want to make lights flicker off and on just when you need them the most.

I want to be that thing you see in the corner of your eye, I want to be the owner of that cold finger that runs up  the back of your neck and that horrible feeling that  follows you down the hall in the middle of the night.

That’s what I want to be for Halloween.


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