And Whatever Walks There…

In about nine days I’ll be leaving for New Orleans- so if you do the math, you’ll see I’ll be there a day before Halloween and I’ll have a few days down there after.

I’m going in part because I have been told there are a few cemeteries and a haunted house or two around New Orleans that you can check out. Oh. And do you know they have some knowledge of Voodoo and Jazz about town too?

I know…how cool is that?

The other reason I am going is because of something called the Toxic Baby.

I can’t explain exactly why the Toxic Baby inspired me to pack my notebook and pens and my favorite pairs of  t-shirts and jeans and hiking boots and head to New Orleans over Halloween. But it has and you can read about it at the blog I’ve dedicated to my trip HERE. I’ve got a few posts up to sort of move the blog along,  so if you’d like to check it out, please stop by! I’m posting there daily now will through the rest of my trip.


( click the picture to get to my blog, Searching For The Toxic Baby )

“…and whatever walked there, walked alone.”