It’s The Thought That Counts


As a writer of the strange and macabre I  must ask myself:

What am I afraid of?

My list is short and sweet.


And being lost.

I’m also afraid of the dark, being buried alive and I’m afraid of being hit by lightning.

I know. I get it. Monsters aren’t real, if you’re lost you can always find a way back to the point you lost your way, the dark can’t  wrap its hands around your neck and squeeze and I doubt if I’ll be buried alive because once your embalmed there’s zero  chance of being buried alive.

HOWEVER I have almost been hit by lightning twice.

So when I write about Monsters, or the lost or the dark or death and the many, many, many ways it can come for you,  I guess I can’t help but to feel…somewhere in all of that there is something true, something real…and I feel- with every ounce of my being