Dream A Little Dream


Today’s Assignment: publish a post for your dream reader, and include a new-to-you element in it.

 Francie Paulo’s favorite writer in the entire world- for her entire life time – is the slighyly famous yet very  infamous Violet Hale.

Violet’s first book was published when she was seventeen. By thirty she was dead- executed for the murder of her husband’s lover.

Violet hung Clarissa in her husband’s law office and in turn the state Washington hung Violet. Violet found that amusing, which is the real reason she was laughing when the trap door snapped open below her feet.

Of course the witnesses at Violet’s execution thought she was crazy, which was slightly true. But that isn’t the reason, like I said, for her laughter.

Francie has Violet’s books- all slightly worn but well cared for books, all first editions in an old china hutch in her bedroom. The shelf and the books are the only thing in her room that could count as decoration.

She has a bed, a nightstand with a small ceramic lamp on top of it and that’s about it.

Francie leads a very simple life.

When Francie comes home at night she is welcomed by her cat and Violet Hale.

Nowadays she doesn’t pull her books down from a shelf. She does however have to pull her cat down from the shelf because it likes it up there.  Then after a very small meal she gets into bed and pulls out her phone (which never rings) and she goes straight to the internet and the site where Violet’s books are.

Francie never has a problem stepping into the worlds Violet created over thirty years ago. The problem is, sometimes Francie gets a little carried away when she’s there.

Like a few nights ago.

Francie was reading a particularly disturbing account about a Vampire and a school teacher and a meat grinder. ” Oh no.” Francie said bringing the phone up to her nose. ” She can’t mean to..”

Francie read on ” Oh. Oh. That’s just. No.”

Francie put her phone down for about a minute (which was a record of sorts for Francie). And then she picked it up back up and began to read.

Her face was lit only by the glow from the phone and her big dark eyes widened and then snapped shut. ” Why do I read this stuff before I go to sleep. WHY?”

But Francie read on.

She felt a sliver of sweat run down her spine. She wondered if it was really possible to make a  body snap in half like that. She hoped not. It was so…she put her phone down again. For less then a second.

And then Franice got to the part of the story with the Vampire and the embalming fluid and the holy water and she shrieked

‘ Yuck.Yuck. And Gross. Violet Hale you are the most twisted monster that ever walked the face of the earth…”

That’s when the light bulb in Violet’s room blew and she threw her phone against the wall and dove under her satin comforter.

And for good measure Francie Palo Born November 5th,  1864 died at the hands of a real vampire on July 10th and brought back to life again on July 17th of 1904 reached up and slammed her coffin lid shut.

” You’re a monster Violet Hale!  An Honest to goodness Monster! “

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