He Really Is The Son Of Dracula

I think there’s a  new Dracula movie coming out.

I think I’d be more into Vampire movies if they wouldn’t have and continue to riff  shamelessly off of Lugosi.

 The only exception I can think of
is Christopher Lee in the Hammer films ( list HERE ).

This is an older clip that Bela’s son did about his Dad, it was a touching tribute so I’m going to share it here:

I also found this  great interview with Lugosi Jr by Armand Vaquer HERE.


2 thoughts on “He Really Is The Son Of Dracula

  1. Bella Lugosi was a one in a million. Dracula isn’t Dracula without him. His son is too good looking to follow in his father’s footsteps. That nose is iconic Dracula today.


  2. Lugosi was too hammy for my taste. I preferred Christopher Lee and ultimate favourite is Gary Oldman, but I do love all those old Hammer and B/W movies. I watch a lot of them on Youtube 😉


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