The Family That Slays Together


This is one of those pictures

that reminds me

of all of those perfect looking families I grew up around.

The parents took their kids camping, and their dogs were well mannered and during the summer a lot of my friends went to activities at the Pavilion and I’m pretty sure none of those girls in my neighborhood were told that the Blue Bird Troops in our entire county were full and they were sad to say they couldn’t make room for ( ahem ) one more.

They were just so…pristine.

So over the years I learned that some of those kids and their parents were  some pretty shady characters who did time or are doing time in Federal Prisons. You could have knocked me over with a feather. How did that happen?

I guess it’s true.

No matter how much time you spend around people, no matter how well you think you understand them:

You never really do know them.