I Really Hate Facing The Bloody Obvious

Forgive me oh my powerful and patient Muse for I have sinned.

I started goofing off on Facebook again.

And at about that time I stopped writing.

But I won’t pussyfoot around.

I stopped writing just before the holidays because I was tired.

Over the last year the Grim Reaper knocked on so many doors around me- a friend, a few of my relatives and my dog.

That’s right. My dog.

Losing my dog Domino was the last freaking straw.

I quit the human race.

And now I’m sort of back.

I guess when you go on a journey- good or bad you learn a lot of stories, you meet people, you taste new foods, hear new music.

You might not care a rat’s ass ¬†at that particular moment but that’s what happens.

So tonight when my friends and I went into mourning because the Seahawks didn’t win their second Superbowl in a row I slapped myself upside the head and thought:

” Really Anita? After all the loss and sadness you’ve been through you’re going to mourn for this? The Hawks are awesome- they’re going to come back.

So let’s tally it up shall we? Your Dad, your cousin, your friend will not be coming back. Let’s keep the tally going from the previous sucky years: your nephew…gone…your cat…gone…your girlish figure….long gone.

So how’s about looking at it this way- suck it up, chalk this screwed up year as a life lesson and let’s soldier on shall we?


Because at the end of the day that’s what you have to do.