A Funny Thing Happened On My Way To The Bridge

Guess what…

I am back

sort of.

My goal is to post one short story a week and other Owl Creek type news, so lets see how it goes.

I’ve found a few little things to get myself thinking about stories I’d like to write and these two things got me thinking:

First up- a clip from Almost Live- the clips is a couple of years old but its funny and it’s about Seattle and even gives a nod to Lynnwood ( which God love them, ) both cities always hands me a laugh

This is the R.Y.C. Fantome, a luxury yacht owned by A.E. Guinness. It was painted black and was caught in the Pacific by the outbreak of WWII. She was stranded in Seattle for the next fourteen years.

Photo Credit: Seattle Post-Intelligencer

She remaind here, a big black mysterious ship until she was purchased by a cruisline who painted her white.

She went down with all hands ( the passengers had disembarked ) in a hurricane in the Caribbean on October 27, 1998.
My heart goes out to the crew who perished, but if I had been a  dark Mysterious Ship, the inspiration for stories and speculation for all those years and I one day I ended up painted white and sailing around the Caribbean with drunken yuppies crawling around my decks and reeking of Suntan Oil I’d have considered a watery grave a blessing.
So there are my two little Seattle-ish that have gone into my notebook.
I wonder what will become of them now.