The Party You Are Trying To Reach…


A few years ago someone sent me this picture because it bothered them.

I guess the idea was if they sent it on it could bother someone else and it would leave them alone…and to think this came my way before  ” The Ring ” came out.

Anyway, here it is…this LOOKS like a cat sitting in a shed in front of a table with a cat sized coffin.

It worked…I’m bothered.

Just thought I’d share that

with you.


3 thoughts on “The Party You Are Trying To Reach…

  1. Hello Surion…just doing my part to add to the world of Urban Legends 😉

    And hello Ty- I’ve read some old stories about ‘cat funerals’ those were written during the ” Gaslight Era “- so to have a ‘modern’ photo sort of tell the same story sort of gave me the chills.

    But I guess that was the point…


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