In Regards To Tansy Arvensis

In a glass case, on a shelf in a jar, is all that remains

of a woman named

Tansy Arvensis.

How is it that Tansy

– you might ask-

who once performed as

a Fire Breather, a Sword Swallower and Trapeze Artist for a Traveling Circus ended up in a jar on a shelf in a museum?

– In addition –

you might wonder

how is it that all that is left of Tansy is a head in jar with a single horn sprouting from the side of her head?

And you may question

why is it that Tansy’s eyes are sometimes closed and sometimes opened and sometimes her mouth is twisted in rage and her neat white teeth and her dark red lips are pushed up against the glass and at other times she is facing the wall?

How would someone like me

-you might wonder-

an unremarkable woman, living an unremarkable life in an unremarkable town called Mountlake Terrace ever have known a person like Tansy?


how is it that this unremarkable woman came to know what happened to Tansy

on that night Tansy lost her head?

What a silly question.

You should really be asking why is it that an unremarkable woman living an unremarkable life in an unremarkable town

isn’t the one

whose head is in a jar. 

6 thoughts on “In Regards To Tansy Arvensis

  1. I can’t get the image of her mouth pressed up against the glass out of my head…goosebumps…preserved human remains…you seem to have a theme here AMM


  2. Loved the way you presented this visually and with nothing but questions. You are so weirdly cool.

    BTW–If I never mentioned it–I think the picture you use for your header is outstanding.

    I’d rather not mention the picture that goes with the story. Where the heck do you find these things?



  3. Awesome, as usual. Heh heh heh!

    People with horns on their heads are generally cool. It’s a growth similar to fingernails, from what I’ve read.

    Of course, I dunno how Tansy’s head ended up in a jar. But I know you do!


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