It Does Not Get Much Better Then This


Photograph(s) copyright Shaun O'Boyle

Photograph(s) copyright Shaun O'Boyle

This very, very short story has given me nightmares and inspired me to write a few of them down and turn them into stories.

Here it is:

Thomas Bailey Aldrich wrote this circa 1870:

“A woman is sitting alone in a house. She knows she is alone in the whole world; every other living thing is dead.

The doorbell rings.”


Bravo Thomas, Bravo!

Thomas Aldrich

3 thoughts on “It Does Not Get Much Better Then This

  1. love it. I recently sent a few stories into the “hint fiction” anthology. They have to be 25 words or less and “hint” to a larger story. I dare say this one fits the bill.


  2. Frederic Brown wrote a science fiction story along these lines. I knew about the scifi story, but did not know that he had been inspired by Aldrich’s earlier version! Neat!


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